Website Maintenance

Hiring a full time employee to maintain and manage your website could cost you thousands of dollars in salary expenses not including benefits.  A Service Plan offers significant cost savings without the overhead of hiring staff.   We review the rates of our competitors along with their service offerings (where that information is available) and adjust our rates to fall as close to the median rate as possible.

Our Service Plans offer flexible options and built-in cost savings.  Service Plans are available on a month-to-month basis or by annual contract at additional savings.


Monthly Hours Rollover Option

Depending upon the Service Plan selected, you will retain us for a specific number of hours per month to manage and maintain your website; whether you use all of the service hours or not.  If you do not use all of the service hours in a given month, those hours can be rolled over (or banked) into the next month so that you do not lose money.  This rollover feature adds value to your annual Service Plan and is not available with many of our competitors.  This cost savings is built-in and there is no additional cost for this option. 


On Call Service your website runs mission critical applications and/or services, an On Call Service is available to you regardless of your Service Plan level for use of your website breaks down.  

The On Call Service is for the purpose of troubleshooting issues on a website where service has been interrupted.  The work authorized under the On Call Service is limited to the minimum work necessary to restore service to the website.

With our Google Monitoring service, we'll probably know about a website downtime before you do.  But just we don't, you can call us anytime.